Interdisciplinary Center of Humanist Education Research was established on February 3rd 2020 (basing on the decree no 15 issued on February 3rd 2020 by the Rector of University of Silesia). According to the University’s mission, the aim of the Center is „to conduct scientific research, create new ways of describing world and to search for its laws and regularities”.

Interdisciplinary Center of Humanist Education Research focuses its scientific research activities on:

  • integrating scientific research activities conducted by humanities didactics and glottodidactics (linguistic education) experts, concerning modern methodology that serves (within new humanities guidelines) consistent teachers’ education
  • conducting multidisciplinary scientific research concentrated on education issues that has international reach, comparative aspect and that focuses on higher education didactics, as well as addresses challenges of 21st century education (migration, globalization, climate related issues and digital exclusion). The research focuses on cognitive humanities, ecodidactics, affective education and community oriented upbringing.
  • providing highest possible level of teachers’ professional training

The members of the Center put a lot of effort in cooperation with other institutions – such as educational and culture institutions or national and European academic organizations.

The Center’s team represents following scientific disciplines: literature research, language studies, culture studies, art studies and history. The aims of the Center have been shaped by the previous experience gathered by the team during their work for Chair of Didactics for Polish Language and Literature, Chair for International Polish Studies, Institute for Methodology, Didactics and Historical Culture, Institute for Film and Media Studies and Institute for Oriental and General Language Studies.